Bridging community and culture with premium farm-grown cannabis
An unrivaled vaping experience

Requires unparalleled flower and technology

We’ve worked tirelessly to grow the purest, terp-filled, cannabinoid-rich flower to create our oil distillates. Once we had an unmatched oil, we got to work on cartridge technology that would do it justice. Our Pacific Pride vape cart boasts a retailer-verified pass rate of 99.96%. How do we know we’ve achieved our goal? The “wowwww” after every puff. Learn more about our Pacific Pride technology.

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    In Washington, the Evergreen State
    Washington is our home. It’s where we grow artisanal cannabis flower on our 12 acres of farmland. It’s where local dispensaries carry our pride and joy. Washington is where family and friends build their lives and seek comfort in pure, hand-tended, farm-grown flower, turned oil distillate. We are proud to be one of the top-selling vape cart lines at every retailer that stocks our brands. We hope you join us in our great state of Washington to indulge in the best cannabis oil the state has to offer.
    best vape cart in washington
    best vape cart in washington
    best vape cart in washington

    The only way to taste heaven from earth is to vape our clouds

    From the beginning, It’s been our mission to create a vaping experience that would leave people in awe. That requires an oil pure in form. From an artisanal flower grown to the best standards. Paired with technology that won’t fail you or our flower. It’s why we can confidently say that we provide the best cannabis in Washington.
    best vape cart in washington
    best vape cart in washington

    Our Values:

    Passion Fuels Us

    We are passionate about providing a discreet, enjoyable, effective cannabis vape product because we have seen the benefits firsthand in our lives and in the lives of our community.

    Quality Drives Us

    Our goal is to ensure the name 5th House Farms is synonymous with quality. If it isn’t top quality, it didn’t come from 5th House Farms.

    Community Inspires Us

    We couldn’t do what we do without the help of our community, family, and friends. When we work together we thrive together.

    Learn About Our Cannabis Farm

    And the Incredible People Who Cultivate It
    We do things a little differently here. We aren’t strangers to each other. We don’t clock out to return home to our “real” friends and family after work. Our team is made up of life-long friends, our brothers, sisters, and cousins. Our farm is buzzing with our closest allies and we work harder because of it. We know every minute of every hour we pour into this work benefits the amazing people we stand shoulder to shoulder with. From our premium artisanal vape carts to caring relationships within our team, we put passion at the forefront of everything we do. Learn more about our team.

    Premium Distillate Vapes in Central Washington

    Our team is grateful for our retail partners, customers, and investors. We want to hear from you when you have questions.