Bridging community and culture with premium farm-grown cannabis
The best cannabis vape cartridges in the state of Washington come from 5th House Farms cannabis.

Artisanal Cannabis Starts Here

5th House Farms is proud to produce some of the most popular distillate cart brands in the state of Washington. Our terpene-rich concentrates deliver a flavor unrivaled in the market and a euphoria that can only be created by hand-tended flower grown specifically to induce the entourage effect.

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  • cannabis vape cartridges
  • cannabis vape cartridges

    White Label

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    Our Brands

    5th House Farms
    • 5th House Birthday Cake
    • 5th House Strawberry Cough
    • 5th House Orange Soda
    • 5th House Wedding Cake
    • 5th House Sour Diesel
    • 5th House Runtz
    • 5th House Pineapple Express
    • 5th House Mimosa
    • 5th House Lemon Diesel
    • 5th House Jack Herer
    • 5th House Grape Ape
    • 5th House Gelato
    • 5th House Yodah OG
    • 5th House Cherry Pie
    • 5th House Blue Dream
    • 5th House Berry White
    • 5th House GG #4
    • 5th House Grandaddy Purple
    • 5th House Wifi
    • 5th House Zkittles

      5th House Farms
      • TKO Sativa
      • TKO Hybrid

        The Jacquees Collection

        • The Jacquees Collection Wedding Cake
        • The Jacquees Collection Peaches and Cream
        • The Jacquees Collection Say Yes
        • The Jacquees Collection Wet Dream

          5th House Live

          • 5th House Live Forbidden Fruit
          • 5th House Live Sunset Sherbet
          • 5th House Live Strawnana
          • 5th House Live Skywalker OG
          • 5th House Live Pineapple Express
          • 5th House Live Orange Soda
          • 5th House Live King Louie VI
          • 5th House Live Northern Lights
          • 5th House Live Granddaddy Purple
          • 5th House Live Blue Dream

            Platinum Reign

            • Platinum Reign Watermelon
            • Platinum Reign Strawberry
            • Platinum Reign Pineapple
            • Platinum Reign Mango
            • Platinum Reign Lemon
            • Platinum Reign Orange
            • Platinum Reign Grape
            • Platinum Reign Cantelope
            • Platinum Reign Banana
            • Platinum Reign Blue Raspberry

              About Our Grows

              5th house farms is a Tier III cannabis farm that features Indoor, Outdoor and Light Deprivation grows. Our primary product offering is our line of distillate vape carts brands. We also feature small-batch premium cannabis flower that utilizes an extended curation period to enhance potency, palate, and appearance.

              Some Tier III cultivators are all about the output – max quantity over maximum quality. Not us. We didn’t get into cultivation just for the dough. We love this plant and the freedom it gives those who need it the most. We care about the quality of our flower and our carts not only because the health of others depends on it, but so does our reputation. Taste the difference in every puff.

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