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High Times

  • Ukrainian Immigrants Open Dispensary in West Virginia September 29, 2023
    Huntington Gardens is owned by Ukrainian immigrants and is one of the city’s first dispensaries. The post Ukrainian Immigrants Open Dispensary in West Virginia appeared first on High Times.
    Benjamin M. Adams
  • Two Amendments Relating to Cannabis, Psychedelic Research Added to Defense Bill September 29, 2023
    One amendment would fund psychedelic clinical trials, and the other would provide treatment options for military veterans suffering from traumatic brain injury and PTSD. The post Two Amendments Relating to Cannabis, Psychedelic Research Added to Defense Bill appeared first on High Times.
    Nicole Potter
  • And Then There Were Seven (Losers) September 28, 2023
    Seven Republican candidates gather to debate anything but their shared problem. The post And Then There Were Seven (Losers) appeared first on High Times.
    Aaron Krall
  • SAFER Banking Act Passes Senate Committee, Moves to Floor Vote September 28, 2023
    The SAFER Banking Act advanced past the Senate Banking Committee Wednesday clearing a big hurdle in the path to legal cannabis businesses potentially moving away from the dangerous cash-only system they currently operate on. The post SAFER Banking Act Passes Senate Committee, Moves to Floor Vote appeared first on High Times.
    Patrick Maravelias
  • Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission Audit Results Published September 28, 2023
    The audit results reveal that $10 million in possibly unsafe cannabis products were sold in Massachusetts between January 2019-December 2020. The post Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission Audit Results Published appeared first on High Times.
    Nicole Potter


MJ Biz Daily


Cannabis Training University

Harris Bricken

  • Intoxicating Hemp Product Laws are More Complicated Than They Seem September 29, 2023
    When Congress passed the 2018 Farm Bill, did it intend to legalize intoxicating hemp products? If it did, why didn’t it just legalize marijuana? And why didn’t it address the manufacture or sale of intoxicating hemp products? I think the answer to all of these questions is clearly “no.” Congress did not intend to open […]
    Griffen Thorne
  • Wisconsin Legalization Bill Introduced September 28, 2023
    Wisconsin may soon become the latest U.S. state to legalize adult-use cannabis. On September 22 of this year, a bill drafted by Sen. Melissa Agard (D-Madison) and Rep. Darin Madison (D-Milwaukee) was introduced in the state legislature. This is the latest in a series of legalization initiatives in the Badger State. The bill would make […]
    Fred Rocafort
  • How Did You Mess Up Your Cannabis Subchapter S Election? September 27, 2023
    The internet is littered with writings on the relative merits of corporate forms and tax elections for cannabis businesses. Even the best of these articles are as dull as ditchwater, because the topic is tax. Most of the authors mention subchapter S taxation at some point, and the showier ones may even dredge up cannabis […]
    Vince Sliwoski
  • Cannabis Leasing in Competitive License Jurisdictions September 26, 2023
    Cannabis leasing is incredibly complicated for both lessors and lessees. But things can get a lot more complicated in competitive license jurisdictions. I’ve worked with both lessors and lessee-applicants in competitive licensing jurisdictions, and today want to highlight some of the key things I’ve seen over the years. #1 Why competitive licensing is different from […]
    Griffen Thorne
  • Cannabis Rescheduling and Trademarks September 25, 2023
    Cannabis rescheduling appears to be a matter of time and my colleagues have written about the possible implications (see here, here, and here). Rescheduling to a less restrictive category will also have implications for trademarking by cannabis brands. By broadening the legality of cannabis goods and services, rescheduling will also make more canna trademarks eligible […]
    Fred Rocafort


  • Minnesota has legal weed thanks to these women September 14, 2023
    Weed officially became legal in Minnesota on August 1, 2023 thanks to the tireless efforts of many, including cannabis advocates Leili Fatehi and Laura Monn Ginsburg. The post Minnesota has legal weed thanks to these women appeared first on Weedmaps News.
    Lauren Wilson
  • The Michelin-star weed experience at Sonoma Hills Farm September 14, 2023
    In the heart of California's esteemed wine country lies Sonoma Hills Farm, where cannabis and hospitality intertwine.  The post The Michelin-star weed experience at Sonoma Hills Farm appeared first on Weedmaps News.
    Alice Reis
  • 8 of our favorite strawberry scented strains  September 7, 2023
    Are you a big strawberry fan? Learn about our top 8 favorite strawberry scented cannabis strains and their reported effects. The post 8 of our favorite strawberry scented strains  appeared first on Weedmaps News.
    Brianna Wheeler
  • It's time for a Northern Lights resurgence September 7, 2023
    What ever happened to Northern Lights? Read a review of how it smokes and why it deserves a comeback. The post It's time for a Northern Lights resurgence appeared first on Weedmaps News.
    Dante Jordan
  • How to pair hashish with fruits: A journey with Hash Sommelier Sarah Jain August 25, 2023
    Sarah Jain, the Hash Sommelier, is the originator of hash and fruit pairings. Learn about the origins of her idea and how to create your own pairings. The post How to pair hashish with fruits: A journey with Hash Sommelier Sarah Jain appeared first on Weedmaps News.
    Alice Reis

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 5th House Farms?
5th House Farms is a Tier III cannabis farm that features Indoor, Outdoor, and Light Deprivation flower grows. We create high-quality distillate vape cartridges and offer small-batch premium cannabis flower that undergoes an extended curation period to enhance potency, palate, and appearance. All of our cannabis is grown on our farm. We don’t rely on outsourcing to create our products, which means the quality of our carts is exclusively dependent on us.
Who owns 5th House Farms?
5th House Farms are owned solely by one of the youngest Minority owners in the state, Carlondo Mitchell. The team at 5th House Farms has been working and collaborating with one another since the beginning of medical cannabis legalization in Washington state. The leadership team consists of Carlondo’s two sisters, Raven and Carmen, and longtime friends, Gary and Cassius.
What is a Tier 3 Cannabis Processor?
Tier III cannabis processors are approved to grow canopies spanning 10,000–30,000 square feet. This is the largest option available for cultivation sites in Washington. Tier I licenses are approved for grows up to 2,000 square feet, and Tier II licenses allow for canopies ranging from 2,000–10,000 square feet in area. Why are we a Tier 3 processor? We grow over 30 artisanal strains on our 12-acre cannabis farm. This license allows us to develop top-quality cultivars with enough space to expand our crop to cater to the demand for more of your favorite strains.
What makes 5th House Farms vape cartridge brands special?

Our enhanced terpene profile in our proprietary distillate blends has a distinctly superior taste that our customers rave about. It is our exclusive formula blend that ensures a smooth, enjoyable, and flavorful entourage experience.

All of our brands exclusively utilize Pacific Pride vape cartridges by Pacific Packaging. They have mastered the vape cartridge technology to work perfectly with our distillate oil concentrates. These cartridges boast an impressively low failure rate of less than a .004%. These carts contain high-quality materials and are free of heavy metals. It’s just a few of many reasons why we’ve sold over a million of our vape cartridges.

How are you able to maintain such high quality at the price?
In addition to being a producer, 5th House Farms is licensed as a processor. We are able to maintain a low price point because we utilize raw materials grown on our farm with limited outsourcing in any portion of the process. This allows us to control the quality of flower we make into distillates, and the technology we utilize to make our cartridges.
What’s in your vape cartridges?
Our vape cartridges contain triple-pass distilled full-spectrum cannabis oil. Our extraction process delivers full-spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes to achieve the entourage effect. Each cultivar we grow contains a different cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid profile, which is why we publish Certificates of Analysis (or COAs) for each batch.
What is distillate?
Distillates are made from the potent refined active components (cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids) of the cannabis plant. Distillates are made through the process of distillation. This process creates a cannabis concentrate that is essentially odorless, tasteless, and contains an extremely high percentage of cannabinoids. Our proprietary oil blends place the terpenes back into the oil for delicious flavor and an incredible vaping experience. Because of the purity of distillates, they are a great option for those looking to utilize cannabis for its medicinal properties.
What does it taste like?
The deliciously terpy flavors of our artisanal cultivars may have you leaving your body to taste the ether before you come back to earth. Smooth, subtle, aromatic. Try it for yourself!
Is the oil safe?
Our oils are made from pure cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from top-shelf strains. To ensure safe usage all our products are tested for purity, contaminants, pesticides, and mold and have published COAs from a certified lab stating its safety and cannabinoid breakdown.
What type of cartridges does 5th House Farms make?
Standard 510 thread cartridges.
Do vapes expire?
Like all organic matter, cannabis concentrates naturally degrade over time – especially if exposed to extreme heat, cold, sun/light, or major pressure changes. If kept in a cool, dark, dry place, your vape will last much longer.
How do I choose a THC vape cartridge?
If you’re wondering how to choose a THC vape cartridge, first start with the battery charger you have. Our cartridges are standard 510-thread cartridges, which means you can screw them onto an existing 510-thread vape pen or device. Choosing the right strain for you starts with knowing what kind of experience you’re looking for. Visit one of our retail partners and ask a budtender for their in-depth strain recommendations.
What is cartridge “failure rate”?
Most industry-standard 510 threaded cartridges have problems with concentrate leakage, airflow blockage, and overheating. When tested, the cartridges that have these problems are considered a “failure”. With an impressive failure rate of only .004%, our cartridges are the most reliable cannabis vape products on the market.
Are you looking for investors for 5th House Farm brands?
Yes, we are open to conversations around investment in 5th House Farms and our sub-brands. If you or your team has qualified funds and are looking to start the conversation around investing, contact us here.
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