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Bridging community and culture with premium farm-grown cannabis

Keeping it Real about Cannabis Cultivation During Juneteenth 

Operating a cannabis cultivation business is not easy. It’s a complex business mixed in with managing staff, evaluating soil, and working with dispensaries. But at the end of the day, it is working alongside family and close friends that keeps it lit. And this makes 5th House Farms more than a business but a growing enterprise where family members work alongside each other to build a solid brand for customers but also for our families long term. And also, every June, with Juneteenth celebrations all around, the family ties of 5th House Farms take on a profound meaning as we reflect on the ancestors who’d been enslaved cultivating goods and immense wealth for enslavers to create global industries, for over 400 years.

Some Facts About Juneteenth

The significance of Black families enslaved in this country cannot be underplayed. Only 158 years ago, in December 1865, did the 13th Amendment abolish slavery. But It would be some time after that many enslaved men and women and children toiling on plantations, at docks, and every place imaginable, would actually be free. Why? Because the Emancipation Proclamation only applied to enslaved people in the Confederate states, not those in the Union such as Texas. It wasn’t until June 19, 1867 in Galveston, Texas that they were freed by Black Union soldiers. Wrapping your head around these facts and how enslaved ancestors endured, is no small effort, but it’s why we should never forget. Our history makes it essential why our family-run business must be resilient and tenacious in pursuing our entrepreneurial dream, opportunities our ancestors did not have.

5th House Farms: A Testament to Generational Determination

At 5th House Farms, the owners who are visionaries and entrepreneurs, Carlondo and Mike Mitchell believe that every generation represents the establishment of a family home every 25 to 30 years. “ We’re 5th House Farms because it’s been five generations since slavery. And so for us, we’re trying to be that answer and amplify that this is possible,” said Carlondo Mitchell, Owner at 5th House Farms. 

Carlondo & Mike Mitchell, stand as a testament to the power of family and community. By delving into the cannabis industry, they have tapped into a sector with tremendous growth and prosperity potential. From its beginnings as a vape product manufacturer, 5th House Farms has expanded its operations to become a flower cultivator, a remarkable feat in a short period.

The Impact of Representation

One of the critical aspects of 5th House Farms’ success is its positive impact on the community. The brothers and their extended staff have cultivated a Black-owned business that is a beacon of hope, inspiring others to pursue their dreams regardless of their background. Representation matters and seeing individuals from marginalized communities achieve business success can break down barriers and inspire future generations.  

Creating Opportunities

The success of 5th House Farms extends beyond their immediate circle. By operating a thriving cannabis cultivation business, they create job opportunities and contribute to the economic growth of their community in Rochester. By offering employment and mentorship to individuals, especially those from underrepresented communities, they empower others to forge their paths and break free from historical cycles of economic disparity.

Embracing Diversity in the Industry

Cannabis is a lucrative industry, with businesses of every variety growing daily. Meanwhile, primarily Black men and Black women continue to bear the brunt of arrests and imprisonment for marijuana possession and sales. Acknowledging this unequal legacy while actively working towards a more inclusive future is essential. 5th House Farms represents this and embraces decriminalizing marijuana possession to give Black would-be entrepreneurs fair chances to compete and pave the way for themselves and future generations. Considering everything enslaved men, women, and children underwent, embracing diversity in the cannabis industry seems like a minimal concession. 

The day-to-day business development at 5th House Farms is a testament to the power of family, resilience, and triumph over horrific historical adversity. As a Black family, they stand tall, demonstrating the potential for success even in industries where representation has been limited. By thriving in the cannabis industry, they create opportunities for themselves and pave the way for others to achieve greatness. As we reflect on the progress made since the abolition of slavery, we must celebrate the achievements of families-run businesses like 5th House Farms, recognizing their contribution to continued growth and empowerment.

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